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The Buchanan Green Street project is designed to reduce water flows from the streets into the Anacostia River, promote groundwater infiltration, expand the tree canopy and native vegetation, improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety egress, and educate the community about its connection to the local ecology.
On October 2015, City of Mount Rainier awarded Broughton Construction Company for the Construction Management at Risk contract for this project. The Scope of work includes but not limited to quantifying the target storm-water treatment capacity volume, bio-retention cell retrofit to capture and filter water runoff along Buchanan Street before entering the Storm Water Management systems underground. Improving street egress infrastructure for various modes of transportation, traffic calming intersections to improve pedestrian safety at crossings, street canopy trees and native plantings, and flood control capacity to reduce ponding.
Once completed, Mount Rainier’s new Buchanan Green Street will serve as an important start for the city’s future green streets and sustainable infrastructure efforts.