Lamond Recreation Center

The Lamond Recreation Center Rehabilitation includes the renovation of the Gymnasium complete with a refurbished floor, repaired bleachers, installation of wall padding, freshly painted walls, installation of new sports equipment and furniture. The renovation of the Lobby, Offices and Hallways at Lamond included the installation of the new tile and counter tops, the installation of new directional sign, and providing new furniture and electronic devices such as TV, LCD Display, Desk tops, Laptop Blue-Ray DVD, Xbox, and the installation of new blinds. BROUGHTON also did minor repairs to the Dance Room which included repairing a damaged mirror and the installation of new Bombay flooring. Exterior repairs included the installation of a new walkway, repair flooring, fencing and gates at the playground, power-washing the building, and repainting the parking lines, and cleaning and improving landscaping.